Scheiferei Stables

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Scheiferei Stables were established by Mr. Lemmer and Ms. Lemmer-Joachim in 2001. We offer professional horse keeping service in Bourglinster Luxembourg. Your horses will be taken good care by the Lemmer Family. During your free time, you can come to Scheiferei Stables and ride your beloved horses. While riding your horse, you can enjoy the breathtaking forest landscape and spend quality time with your horse, your family and friends.

We insist on high quality horse keeping service. A clean box and good hay are offered every day. Moreover, the Lemmer family owns meadows where horses can graze and also run freely. That’s why horses at Stable Scheiferei are always healthy and energetic.

Scheiferei Stables



Mon-Sun 8:00 – 22:00


+ 352 621 190 641