Our Services

We keen to offer the best horse keeping service in Luxembourg.


The stable Scheiferei can accommodate 40 horses. We have enough groms to take care of each horse individually.


The health condition of the horses has highest priority. Hay and straw offering to horses fulfills highest quality standards. A good nurtrition is a stable foundation for a healty horse life. If any additional nutritions/medicine for horses are needed, our grooms feed them according to the vet’s prescription.

Relaxing surrounding

During dry weather horses are led to meadows right next to the stable. They can run freely and enjoy the beautiful grassland with other horses. Stable Scheiferei provides vast grassland for your horses, where they can socialize with their stable mates in a troublefree environment.

Riding class

You can practice your riding skills at the stable Scheiferei with your coach. There is a indoor riding ground (40m x 20m) in the middle of the stable as well as bigger outdoor riding ground.