Our boarding service include:

Scheiferei Stables offer high quality horse boarding. Customers are welcome to choose the below mentioned options to maintain horses’ health and wellness.

Horse boarding in Luxembourg

Boarding package

  • A stall box with an outdoor paddock
    – Option: A stall box without an outdoor paddock (Fee reduction)
  • Feeding twice a day
  • 7 days/week cleaning out  
  • 6 hours daily turnout on all-year pastures
  • Tack room (saddle racks, tack hooks, and storage cabinets) 
  • Indoor riding arena/ outdoor riding area 
  • Optional: All-day summer pastures from 1. May until 31. October (Fee reduction)

Stall with Straw* Bedding (Daily cleaning, also on Sundays and Holidays)400€ / Month
Stall with Straw* Bedding and Paddock Pens (Daily cleaning, also on Sundays and Holidays)500€ / Month
Summer Pastures (24 hours from 5/1 to 10/31)250€ / Month
VAT included – The Company reserves the right to change T&C.

*Other beddings on request

The price included:

  • Access to pastures
  • Access to indoor and outdoor riding arena
  • Access to cafeteria and tack room

Our facilities

Indoor riding arena  

Indoor riding area in Scheiferei Stables (Boarding package)

Outdoor riding area

Equine Solarium  

Solarium in Scheiferei Stables


An arena viewing room in our boarding stables

Tack room

Tack room in our boarding stables


Around 15 minutes drive from Luxembourg city, Scheiferei Stables are surrounded by deciduous and montane forests in Bourglinster. Riders will have great outdoor horseback riding experience around scenic Bourglinster village and the opportunity to access an area of 1300 hectares without crossing any street road. There are many peaceful and scenic bridle paths around Stable Scheiferei.

Scheiferei Stables surroundings in Bourglinster

Scheiferei stables are close to one of the most famous castles in Luxembourg called Bourglinster castle. Bourglinster music festivals, art exhibitions, lectures and art market are organized often. A well known restaurant is located in the castle walls.

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Scheiferei Stables in Bourglinster Luxembourg